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  • Christina Van Dorf

    Pretty sure my PE kids do this during dodgeball! :-) but ouch I remember getting my scrawny little arms ruffed up pretty bad during red rover in elementary school

  • Sarah Kraus

    Now there's no red rover, no dodge ball, and certainly no kill the man. What is life coming to when some of childhoods best games are no longer allowed in school? Pussies, a bunch of pussies is what life is coming to.

  • Stella Russo

    So many good memories, and awesome injuries from Red Rover.

  • Valerie George

    bahahahaha good times!

  • Sandra Hubbard

    Funny Confession Ecard: Life was much simpler when we could play a friendly gameof red rover and just clothesline the people we didn't like.

  • Kandy Ferguson

    *giggle* Kids today haven't heard of red rover. WHY?

  • Karole Potter

    Bahahahaha!! Red rover red rover...I dare that B over!

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