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  • Nicola Jeanette

    Homemade all natural bug repellent lotion bars. The Ingredients: 1 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter (or a mix of all three equal to 1 part) 1/2 cup beeswax + 2 tablespoons 1/4 cup fresh or dried rosemary leaves 1 teaspoon dried whole cloves 2 tablespoons dried or fresh thyme 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1/4 cup dried catnip leaf 1 (or more) tablespoons of mint leaf (optional but adds great scent) optional: 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oilto preserve. Etc.

  • Annie Suite

    Homemade all natural bug repellent lotion bars Bug Off Lotion Bars

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