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A Bouncing Ball in Diminishing Arcs, 1956-61 by Berenice Abbot: 'This shows the decrease of energy in a moving object. . . . The golf ball was rolled off a platform that was about six feet high, the relative size is very important here, and it headed towards a marble surface. I was well centered and the camera was low, almost on the floor... I didn't just use a strobe at the camera. This would have shown the effect but the balls would have looked flat.' via William Meyers, wsj and…

Interference of Waves, c. 1958-61 by Berenice Abbot via blog.photonightsboston: Photographs which demonstrate the principles of physics. #Photography #Physics #Ripple_Tank #Wave_Interference #Berenice_Abbott #photonightsboston

I think for the most part if you're really honest with yourself about what you want out of life, life gives it to you