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  • Cori Hundley

    LOVE this dog food storage container AND bowls! great idea for big dogs!

  • Tiffany Bonker

    Dog food storage idea, great idea for a mastiff as long as the top is easily washable. I'll have to come up with some ideas for the top to make that happen.

  • Sam Reasons

    Dog food storage! Love this so much more than my ugly plastic bins of dog & cat food

  • Abigail Kunkel

    Pet Food Storage - What a Great Idea

  • Courtney Robbins

    great idea! Custom Raised dog bowl (perfect for big dogs or older pets with arthritis. Cats too!) with pull out drawer underneath containing a Rubbermaid air right bin for dog food! Personalized! Maybe a diy project? It may be worth it to just buy this though!

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