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  • Hailey and Ellen

    Okay guys I just have to rant this one out for a second: I was with some people today and THIS GIRL was on/checking/glancing at her flipping phone the entire time (probably my biggest pet peeve ever. UNLESS YOU'RE BARACK OBAMA, YOUR LIFE IS NOT INTERESTING ENOUGH TO TEXT ABOUT 24/7.) Anyway, every time she decided to come up for air, she'd completely interrupt whoever was talking with her own random remarks, thus creating the worst awkward silence EVER. It was bad. And so rude. UGH. #rantover -E

  • Stefani Beser

    "Pet Peeves" Truth

  • Karen Kirk

    I don't have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation.

  • Nikki Dean

    ~ Smiles... ~

  • dorfflin

    "Pet Peeves" Plaque - so funny. So true

  • Dianne Blank

    funny stuff

  • Gary Schmidt

    pet peeves quote.

  • McDimples McGee

    <3 *giggles* <3

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