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    Dark side funny quotes

    all the time

    hahahaha! Hit my funny bone. :-) I think we can all use this one from time to time


    And from our darkest trials come our best Blessings from GOD

    Keep calm and...


    This is so true. It is not until I've been through the dark times that I realise that there is light in my life..

    So me.

    The Dark Ages.

    "Trust me, you can dance." - Vodka You can always TRUST Vodka!! :)

    Think I laughed a bit too hard with this one!! (Me too. LV)

    herein lies the ish: it markedly isn't at all. and on that account, I am aiming to take a pinchillpill as promptly as possible (when work starts/vacation ends July 4 and classes reconvene July 5). #Pinterest #addiction #addict

    100% vrai !!


    cookie monster!!! My bf calls me this, but seriously who can resist subway cookies

    yep...sure did.

    Oh yes he does!

    Life is good at the beach

    Think I'll go pick it up now...