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PP said: I saw this in a lady's cart at Walmart last night and actually told her I thought she had a kid in her cart!!! ... I seriously did a double take!!!

Uggghh I gave myself away as an English major by laughing so hard I cried then choked and fell over.


British School Lunch Problems

This is not a joke - there are 'food police' on duty in UK schools. Honest!


True Vegetarian

Funny Yearbook Quotes, Class of 2015 Yearbook....these have KILLED me


This Could Work Or Not

OMG! I JUST bought this stuff last week for Jetta and said the SAME EXACT THING! I mean, I am against animal testing of products that aren't intended for animals...but come on? No clinical trials to see if it's good?


This Is Why Some People Should Not Be Allowed On Facebook

Our future is on a downward spiral...


One does not simply tease the Willis…

What you talkin' bout, Willis?

what if spiderman's spider-man's superpower was shooting spiders out of his hands, no one would ever commit crimes, oh aaaa help, www fun substance .com


When you become a vegetarian…

Missed Steak Find Funny things to Pin here:


The three stages of life…

so true...