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32 Screwy Pics That Will Leave You Laughing

There are some days where one thing goes wrong after the other, and then there's the days where things just don't make sense. These real people and situations fall under the latter, starting with a person who thought a real $50 bill was a counterfeit $40 note.:

Some people shouldn't be let loose on society. on my god I just felt my IQ drop as a result of some of these people's stupidity

My Friend Got A Random Snapchat From A... #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

Funny pictures about Just a random photo from a stranger. Oh, and cool pics about Just a random photo from a stranger. Also, Just a random photo from a stranger.


The anti-Post Secret. Even though I love post secret, this IS kinda funny lol

Check it. I dare you.

Laughed so hard so tried this myself. My nearest book? The sentence: "After all, I'd come here to confess and get help--i might as well get on with it.

I should not have clicked on this while proctoring an exam.  Cant... control... giggles...

Classroom Punishment…

Funny pictures about Classroom Punishment. Oh, and cool pics about Classroom Punishment. Also, Classroom Punishment.

This is nightly for me. Numb arm = medical emergency! WR

22 Irrational Fears That Are Actually Perfectly Normal

This happened the other night to me. It was so dead I literally could not find my arm! I legitimately thought that my arm had been amputated the day before and I just forgot about it!