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Solanum muricatum - Pepino Dulce. A South American native, s. muricatum is grown for its sweet, edible fruits. UNFORTUNATELY the pepinos don't travel well so may be hard to track down in the UK. FORTUNATELY you can grow your own in a greenhouse/sunny conservatory, the taste is said to resemble a mix of honeydew melon and cucumber.

Rosemary is a perennial evergreen shrub with blue flowers. It is a pungent and distinctive plant with a sweet, resinous flavor. Rosemary is ideal for a rock garden or the top of a dry wall. It is used for poultry, lamb, stews, and soups. Rosemary grows to about 4 feet tall and spreads about 4 feet as well.


Fresh Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Strawberry mint lemonade- so refreshing!

from Balcony Garden Web

Growing Guava Tree in Container

Learn to grow guava tree in a pot. It will delight you with its sweetly scented flowers, delicious fruits, and beautiful tropical appearance.

Kiwi: easy to grow in your own backyard. A sweet and exotic treat you can grow in your backyard-in any climate-that's delicious, nutritious and pretty too!

"Winter Sowing" - Milk carton green houses for winter sown vegetable starts. Love this method to start seeds!! Great for perennials and annuals as well.

from Laughing Squid

Unusual Designer Grapes: Ones That Taste Like Cotton Candy & Super Elongated ‘Witch Fingers’

and furthered, ” There are quite a number of these varieties now, in different colours as well. What’s really interesting is that IFG also h...

Blue Crown Passion flower. Exotic flowers like these don’t have to be limited to tropical gardens. A vigorous perennial vine that climbs via tendrils, the passion flower can be a conversation piece in...

Tomate de Arbol (Tamarillo) That’s right the tree tomato. This is actually my favorite fruit I’ve tasted here so far. You know how everyone says tomatoes are fruit but then they get lumped in with the veggies anyways? This is a really fruity tomato- it’s sweet and tart but it still has a little bit of that tomato flavor.

CRYSTAL APPLE CUCUMBER is a New Zealand heirloom that takes on the form of apple when mature, although it is best eaten when small. Deliciously tender, creamy and great for salads.