Check out this #energyboost #supergreen smoothie recipe from Juliet Doherty (San Francisco Ballet School, First Postition,) #Julietdoherty

The Anti-Flu, Immune-Boosting Super Smoothie for Kids & Adults

So pretty & healthy --> Super Food Smoothie // bananas, spinach, apple, almond milk, ground flax, strawberries via Sally's Baking Addiction

Mango Banana Green Smoothie – Start the morning RIGHT with the super delicious, creamy green smoothie made with frozen banana, baby spinach, fresh mango, hemp seeds and unsweetened almond milk. #weightwatchers 4pp #paleo #glutenfree #vegan #meatlessmondays #smoothies #breakfast

Tangleberry Avocado Smoothie - You'll never know the avocados are in there, but your heart will thank you! Avocados are a great source of the "healthy fats" that you need and make smoothies super creamy and smooth. Very kid and family friendly! Step-by-step photos. <3

Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Recipes For Everything…

Prep these smoothie packs for the freezer and when you're ready to eat, just add milk or water! Check out the tutorial and delicious green smoothie recipe!

Green smoothie

Best Ever Smoothie Recipes! ~ from ~ you'll LOVE these easy, healthy and seriously delicious Smoothies!

Green smoothies

How creative are you with your protein powder? Did you know that you can use it to make all types of recipes from breakfast to dessert? Check out our list of our 50 Top Protein Powder Recipes!

Almond Butter and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl | 11 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Green Monster Smoothies: full of flavor and vitamins!!

Honey and Wild Blueberry Smoothie. #food #smoothies #drinks #breakfast

#Recipe: Strawberry Oatmeal #Smoothie

Avocado and Kale Smoothie Bowl | 11 Stunning Smoothie Bowls That Are Healthy And Delicious | Posted by: