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    Funny. Women. I definitely have to agree with this haha

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    Funny Bitchy Quotes: Understanding women


    Hormone Guide- how to talk to women

    Hahaha. This is so true!!!!

    really love these definitions


    My pastor once said, Treat her like heaven, you'll be married to an angel...treat her like hell and you'll be married to a witch. So true.

    So true hahah

    So true!

    Corky will probably agree with this :)

    :D Anyone who REALLLLLY gets to know me understands this one!


    hahahahaha. three sisters and so true.

    sad but very true .

    Everything. single. thing... Nailed it!

    So true....i watched my mom care for my dad all through his sickness. My love respect for her grew even more!