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Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Taken by NASA's Galileo spacecraft on November 1997.

Image of Venus composited from Mariner 10 data The dense carbon dioxide atmosphere of Venus shrouds the planet in a thick layer of clouds—and heats the surface to a scorching 460° C (860° F). Jim Hansen's research on Venus' greenhouse effect eventually led him to the study of carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect on Earth. (Image © 2005 Mattias Malmer.)

Вопрос 4. Europe, one of the Jupiter's moons. C 8 класса мечтаю туда попасть...;)

Dwarf Planet Ceres: A Weird World Of Ice Volcanoes, Mud Oceans

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to begin orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres next month, and a new series of simulations indicate that it may find a strange world of ice volcanoes and a thin frozen shell covering a mud ocean that might harbor life.

4 rad dwarf planets that aren't Pluto

4 Rad Dwarf Planets that aren't #Pluto #Eris #Makemake #Haumea #Ceres

Triton's Surface. This color photo of Neptune's large satellite Triton was obtained on Aug. 24 1989 at a range of 530,000 kilometers (330,000 miles). The resolution is about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), sufficient to begin to show topographic detail. Credit: NASA

Enceladus - major moon of Saturn Visible light

Hot 'super-Earths' provide clues to water in exoplanet atmospheres