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  • Álvaro N.

    Caspar David Friedrich: Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer. El caminante sobre el mar de nubes (1817-1818). Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

  • Anna Mancini

    Caspar David Friedrich (German painter) 1774 - 1840 Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog), 1818 oil on canvas 94.8 x 74.8 cm. Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany

  • Frederic De Meyer

    A Man of Culture: Art Gallery VII - Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Art)... always makes me want to go to Brittany, don't ask me why...

  • Sannah Engelsen

    Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (German: Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer; also known as Wanderer Above the Mist) is an oil painting composed in 1818 by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich. It currently resides in the Kunsthalle Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

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Woman at the Window by Caspar David Friedrich,1822. This painting portrays the painter's wife, Christine Caroline Brommer Friedrich. At the time, they had been married for five years. Friedrich's original studio was in Pirna and he himself worked on some renovations there. When he moved to a larger studio after marriage, he took the blue shutters painted here with him.

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Caspar David Friedrich - Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog) [1818]

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Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, 1818, Romanticism

This is my emancipation I shall not Shall not Shall fucking not Concede to societal ideologies that tell me Who and what I am is wrong Wrong Wrong For knowing my heart Not my pocketbook Holds all my values that I need to navigate The seas of All my life

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