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10 Herbs That Repel Garden Pests

10 Herbs That Repel Garden Pests. Insects and animals can be a problem when it comes to growing a successful garden. Plant herbs to repel the insects.

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25 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make


Slugs will eat cornmeal, even though it kills them. Put cornmeal in a jar turned on its side near the affected plants.


Make your own Mole Repellent

Moles can wreak havoc on an otherwise gorgeous lawn. Here's our favorite tried and true recipe for getting rid of those pesky hole digging beasts!

Swarms of Mosquitoes on my patio led me to an old home remedy - Did you know that chopped up garlic makes mosquitoes disappear? I buy minced, dried garlic at local Fiesta grocery stores and sprinkle it around on my patio. I have to stand back as I am using it - mosquitoes will literally swarm out of your plants and bushes to get away from the smell. Works like a charm!! - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins