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We have a world electrical grid and monumental repairs desperately needed on major infrastructure. Add to this the need for large scale Green energy projects. Why are we not investing in building?

You're thinking of Jesus...

sign at Occupy protest-Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You're thinking of Jesus.

Model Trains

Model Trains

I like trains there are so cool

I like trains there are so cool

Post with 5251 votes and 637788 views. Shared by ThatsJustYourOpinionMan. One of the rare times I like what Bill Maher is saying

“Last week Mitch McConnell was asked about the student loan bill,” Warren told an obviously friendly crowd of 1,000 young progressives gathered in Washington for the Center for American Progress’s Make Progress Summit. “Mitch McConnell actually suggested that the solution for college affordability is for young people to lower their expectations and become more cost conscious, because he said not everyone needs to go to Yale.” #uniteblue #auspol

Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitch McConnell on Student Loans

This woman is seriously the change we need in politics! Huge advocate for students saddled with debt!

The party of responsibility my eye

I do not believe in the Republican nor Democrat bullshit, but I will always vote for the party that has demonstrated to focus on the middle class and not the wealthy!

NEVER forget! This starts at the town and city level. Vote every Republican out of office in every election at all levels of government. Then there won't be a pool of these career moochers to called upon to run for governor, senate or representative, or be made into radical judges who then decide to allow people to give as much money as they want (publicly & secretly) to buy the government.

They apparently feel they only need to respect the office of the president when it's their guy.