Change number ~ cute idea

‘Who I Am’ graphic information sheet, for getting to know my students.

An amazing outline/list of things to do to prepare for the first day of school and beyond!

Excellent teacher website with an entire list of procedures for the first days of school. Worth checking out!

Created for student in 2nd-4th grade, Barefoot Island is a fun, engaging project to help reinforce mapping skills. Students create their own legend...

Exactly what I need right now! This blog post is full of amazing ideas for how to prepare for Open House night and get a head start on learning about your students! I especially love the idea of an "About the Teacher" page and a page letting parents know all of the awesome things their children will be learning that year.

Meet The Teacher Ideas

Third Grade Thinkers: Writing In Third Grade... like the idea, might use the writing prompts on large posters for students to write thoughts on and see how similar their hopes and fears are

Class picture

Third Grade Thinkers: First Day of School Quick Write Activity

0, 1, 2, 3 voices for classroom

First Day of School

First Day Checklist...want to compare her list with mine

First day of school

beginning of the year, love this!!

For the first day of school

FREE First Day of School Craftivity. Such a cute idea for 1st or 2nd grade. And it can easily become something to put on a wall for parents and students to see.

A good classmate... Beginning of the year activity.

Classroom scavenger hunt for the first day of school. Good way for kids to get familiar with all of the different things in your classroom.

this looks good to introduce grade 1 students to the classroom

I would need to change for junior high but I love this idea for I go over the syllabus the first few days of school... Would definitely help them pay attention!