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    Chrysomelidae: Dactylispa excisa


    Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years by Robert Krulwich, npr: Amazing story of the Lord Howe Walking Stick (Dryococelus australis) with a video of a baby hatching from an egg. #Lord_Howe_Walking_Stick #Insect #Australia #Robert_Krulwich #npr

    proagopertha lucidula fald

    bright green walking leaf insect

    Invaders from Mars!!! | Flickr -

    Small Lamphun leaf insect / Wood-Mason’s leaf insect, Thailand


    Let us PREY ...

    Mantis | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

    giant devil flower mantids (idolomantis diabolica)

    Polka Dot Weevil from the Philippines. SO COOL!

    Brazilian Treehopper, or Bocydium globulare - a real living insect, which only pretends to be an alien helicopter:

    Lichen Katydid

    Megalorrhina harrisi procera Kolbe

    Metallic Wasp...amazing!

    The Horsehead Grasshopper is from Western South America, more specifically the jungles of Ecuador and Peru.


    Feather Horned Beetle with Long Bushy 'Eyebrows'(Rhipicera femorata). Males use their antennae to locate a female emitting pheromones which indicate she's ready for mating.

    ✯ Dragonfly I by ~Vadalein✯