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    Lantern Bug

    Seated Man Paul Cezanne - circa 1898-1900

    Beetle, Chrysolina nikolskyi, M.E. Smirnov

    Tortoise Beetle

    Eutrachelus temmincki, from Indonesia, is classified as a Brentidae. Brentidae is a cosmopolitan family of primarily xylophagous beetles also known as straight-snouted weevils.

    Thopeutica (Wallacedela) hirofumii

    Feather-Horned Beetle//

    Anthaxia candens

    Sagra longicollis

    Christopher Marley

    Dieses Knallbonbon aus Afrika ist ein "Sphaerocoris annulus", auch Picasso-Schildwanze genannt. Diese Insekten saugen gerne an den Blüten von Korbblütlern wie der Gerbera.

    rhynchites auratus

    Fornasinius russus

    Polka Dotted Clown Weevil (Pachyrrhynchus orbifer)

    Acorn Weevil

    ˚Amazonian Insect, Wax-tailed planthopper

    Oxysternon festivum

    onthophagus leucomelas

    Rosenbergia Beetles Insect Collection (Indonesia)

    Just a plain old green #beetle - but a very wonderful green.

    Toffolo, Emanuel

    .*Metallic beetle bug.*