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    When it comes to Canadian stereotypes, some of them hold! Radio Canada International

    Sweet, sweet BeaverTails memories... via Hannah Merk on IG

    Maple+Bacon+BeaverTails pastry = one heck of a winning combo! via The Food Sisterhood on IG

    Sweet treats for a sweet occasion :)

    Answering the age-old question 'What's better than a BeaverTails pastry?'. THREE! via @sweetbaycharms on IG

    The Avalanche BeaverTails pastry - fulfilling dreams since 1978 :) via @AmandaInAg on Twitter

    The sweetest weekend warrior we ever did see :) #BeaverTails via Nick Amsen on Twitter

    A chocolate hazelnut BeaverTails pastry is exactly will never lead you astray. via Alexia De on IG

    MMMMMMAPLE!!!! But really, is there anything more Canadian than a Maple BeaverTails pastry? via @justinegutierez on IG

    Maple BeaverTails pastries...the most Canadian snack ever :)? via @justinegutierez on IG

    Skating on the Canal - check Matching helmet and jacket - check BeaverTails pastry for dessert - check Adorable chocolate smile - check This child is winning at life :) via @kels_xo_07 on IG

    Sometimes it's best to get one for each hand :) #BeaverTails via @knitleyroad on IG

    Best. Fans. Ever. #BeaverTails via Emily Anne on IG

    We have the best fans :) #BeaverTails via @klpks6 on IG

    GET IN MY BELLY!!! BeaverTails moment via @stefanieaxy on IG

    We're ready for your omnomnoms ;) BeaverTails via @mayaaface on IG

    Celebrating the longest run of Rideau Canal skating days calls for BeaverTails. via Andy Yang.paddy.tar on IG

    Pastries and memories with BeaverTails in Banff, AB via @stefanieaxy on IG

    Skate, Pastry, Repeat #BeaverTails via @lala_Lucie on Twitter

    Raise your hand if you've had a BeaverTails pastry on the Canal this year! via Kayla Kennedy on Instagram

    Sweet dreams are made of these... #BeaverTails via Ash DiMenna (@ashdimenna) on Instagram

    Making smiles and memories on the Rideau Canal with BeaverTails pastries :) vie @karenjhill11 on Instagram

    A classic winter shot of a classic winter pastry :) High fives for BeaverTails! via Emily Lu (@emmmlulu) on IG

    The best thing about skating on the Rideau Canal? Earning these babies :) via @morgypants_ on IG