Car Emergency Kit that fits in a wipes box

cute car kit to keep these things close at hand without cluttering up a purse! I'm not sure why I haven't already done this.

WATCH: This Is A Regular Fork, But This DIY Trick Could Secure Your Home In An Emergency

Have a bunch of empty wipe containers sitting around? Here are great DIY projects to give them clever new uses!

car emergency kit checklist

Make a Double-Decker Trunk in Your Car #organizingtips

How to make a first aid kit for your car without spending much money. This is perfect for when you are at the park, at your kids sporting events and even camping!

Trunk Junk! Ideas on what to carry in your car for those unexpected moments!

Emergency clutch. With a list for items to go inside :)

So cute! Mini Emergency kits for all occasions. Could be fun to DIY, but they're only $16.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas / Hospital / Get Well / Thank You / Teacher Gift Idea / Birthday Present

Altoid Can Sterno. This is great, made out of throw away stuff, fits into a pocket, burns hot, lasts long. I need to make some.

Grocery bag holder using empty Clorox Wipe dispensers & how to roll bags. Not interested in modge podging the outside, but like the idea, especially having one for the car for trash bags! Can also use old Clorox Wipe containers to hold art supplies, etc.

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Emergency Kit

The many uses of crystal light containers!

DIY organizer. Tutorial and materials list. An organized car is a happy car

"Safety & Security"... How to Survive an Abduction or Hostage Situation - all women should know this info... Like jamming your gum in the ignition if someone tries to car jack you!

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Sun melted crayon candle. Love this idea! Kids love watching things grow or change shapes! I've got tons of jars and broken crayons!!