Whittingham Asylum,

Hellingly Asylum, Sussex ~ There is something utterly creepy about seeing a child's wheelchair in the decaying mental hospital. According to county asylum records, Hellingly Asylum had a special building just for "mentally defective" children. Of course, this was back in a time when people were locked away in isolation, people with mental illness or an illness in which the family did not want to deal.


Corridor in the children's wards at West Park abandoned Asylum

Abandoned palace in Poland...beautiful staircase

The Creepy World of Abandoned Asylums | The Poveglia Island Asylum or the Island of Madness, Venice, Italy (between 1922 and 1968)

Whittingham Asylum (England)

Abandoned by K. Colwell

Asylum stairs

abandoned asylum

Abandoned asylum in Germany.

Abandoned Castle, Germany.

Children's nursery abandoned after Chernobyl meltdown

Old stately home

Abandoned asylum.

Rathen State Hospital (rusted rooms): Psychiatric hospital established in 1848, first asylum constructed following the Dr. Thomas Kirkbride linear building plan. Founded by Dorthea Dix, one of the most important pioneers in humane treatment of the mentally ill in the United States.

Abandoned asylums photos

Hellingly Hospital was a large mental hospital in the village of Hellingly, east of Hailsham, in East Sussex, England. The hospital, also known as East Sussex County Asylum or just Hellingly, was opened in 1903. Its architect was GT Hine, one of the great asylum architects of the era. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROMANY WG

Cane Hill, abandoned asylum


Asylum: bathtubs