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The Milk Snake (a species of king snake) like this Red Milk Snake appear to be very similar to the Coral Snake. This apparently is an attempt to look like a dangerous snake, even though harmless themselves. "Red to yellow, kill a fellow. Red to black, venom lack." The Eastern Milk Snake doesn't resemble a coral snake but instead copies the coloration of the Massassauga Rattlesnake. And juvenile ones are often mistaken for Copperheads.

The Most Colorful Snake: California Red Sided Garter Snake

Garter snake x2or3 Brother Dave caught some in the garden, moved them into a spare aquarium and helped look for them in the house after they escaped. Short-term adventure

Opheodrys vernalis, smooth green snake, Lioclonorophis, Jasper County, Iowa - Iowa wildlife

The Rubber boa (Charina bottae) is a snake in the family Boidae that is native to British Columbia, Canada and western US. One of the smaller boa species, adults can be anywhere from 38 to 84 centimetres (1.25 to 2.76 ft) long.