Christina, Angie (Linköping), Tattoo Artist: Olivia Harrison

Arms. (Tattoologist)

Tattoo Submission: radiohead, Karma Police: maybe the original lyrics "She stares at me as if she owns the world"

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40 Awesome Finger Tattoos (only some are awesome)

40 Awesome Finger Tattoos

I think mustache tattoos are generally stupid, but if you're going to get one, at least get kitty cat whiskers!

Thought you were a dedicated follower of fashion? These extreme fashionistas have had their love of dressmaking, Chanel and er, hangers, inked on them FOREVER! Amazing or a fashion statement too far..? Tweet us your thoughts @CosmoOnCampus! (source)

15 tattoo ideas for *extremely* dedicated fashion students


Portrait Forearm Tattoo It’s one of popular spot to get tattoo on forearm as it’s visible and you have more chance to express yourself. Forearm tattoos are loved and practiced by both men and women. In terms of tattoo ideas,… Continue Reading →