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  • Pam Mimbela

    So stinking cute! These little pet pigs "nose" painted pictures with sponges and some kind of special non-toxic paint. The owners would then sell the pictures the pigs made and donated the money to a non-profit animal assistance organization. Super cute and a very heartwarming story!

  • Jordan Massey

    teacup pigs | Here are so adorable pictures of teacup pigs (mini pigs) found from ...

  • Laura McClister

    Pigs! My favorite animal. I would love one of these teacup piggies.

  • Kristen Kraus

    Cute little pigs! Always wanted a pet pig

  • Kristen Miller

    Did the piglets do the color run? Hehehe.

  • Lavi Nia

    Animal Pictures Gallery: Baby Pig Pictures

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