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    • Sarah Lynn

      10 All Time Favorite Vegan Summer Wrap Recipes

    • Aliza Strock

      11 Vegan Wraps: (1) Smoky Tempeh Wrap; (2) Smoky Mushroom Avocado Wrap; (3) Eggless Salad Wrap; (4) Curried Quinoa Wrap; (5) Spicy Sunny Raw Veggie Wrap; (6) Potato Salad Wrap; (7) Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps; (8) Plantain Poblano Tofu Wrap; (9) Bullseye Spiral Wraps; (10) Florida Avocado Wrap; (11) Cilantro Smother Wrap/Burrito OMNOMNOM

    • Rudi's Organic Bakery

      Vegan wrap Serve with a Rudi’s Organic Wrap! #organic #vegan #tasty #healthy #wrap http://www.rudisbakery.com/organic/products/tortillas-and-wraps/

    • Jan Stoeckert

      Vegan wrap- And a GREAT site for Vegan recipes!

    • Karen R

      10 Vegan Wrap Recipes - Healthy. Happy. Life.

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