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agreed, tho this works both ways sometimes, can also go for relationships of glbt persons as well. ;-p adjust the wording as needed to apply, I.e. switch or change qeen and king as it applies to you and it works, & is goid message. Food for thought.....

Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

Light and Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup Recipe. A cozy blend of chicken, vegetables, spice, cheese, and tortellini in a thin creamy broth. Lightened-up!

Hmmmm, can you say hypocrite! Yup. others pregnant and person tell them they need to breastfeed because its the best, they have a child and oh it hurts to much and they don't feel like doing the work. One of the biggest hypocritical statements out of their mouths!

I KNOW that's happens ALL THE TIME! "hello, is anyone there?" its as bad as when the teen girl goes in the closet. THEY'LL CORNER YOU IDIOT!!!