This stay at home dad, writes on post-it's and leaves them all over the house as reminders of what to do/not to do, while raising his son. I cannot stop laughing. If you have kids, you will get it! @Amy Salvatori here comes trouble

Hahahaha. So true.




Crying I'm laughing so hard!

Post It Notes From A Stay At Home Dad - Imgur

Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad...these are HILARIOUS MUST READ!!!

LOVE this!

Best job I ever had.



Haha so true


Seriously the best Ellen "You Posted That on Facebook?" Ellen exposes Facebook pictures from members in the audience


Inventive Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Kids (Do NOT Try These at Home) #humor #funny mom #parenting

It's funny because it's true. Better to laugh right?

This girl has a blog where she tries everything she sees on Pinterest. She's absolutely hilarious! I recommend reading all of her posts UNLESS you are offended by cussing.

this is too funny not to pin, regardless of your political preference.

parents who have way too much fun!