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William Shatner on set Twilight Zone with costar Patricia Breslin. (1963)

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William Shatner goofing off on the set of Twilight Zone with costar Patricia Breslin. (1963)

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"Twilight Zone" Nick of Time (1960) starring William Shatner:

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The Twilight Zone “Nick of Time” original air date Nov. 18th, 1960. Directed by Richard L. Bare. With William Shatner, Patricia Breslin, Guy Wilkerson, and Stafford Repp.

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Wow, a young William Shatner, 1952. Newton Photographic Associate.

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Steven Spielberg on the set of E.T.


‘Subtle’ Twilight reference in Supernatural…

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Aside from the ‘subtle’ Twilight reference, did anyone else notice the CW's announcement for The Vampire Diaries in the corner??? I found that extremely funny! lol

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Buster Keaton in Twilight Zone's "Once Upon a Time", Season 3, Episode 13.

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Okay, I actually do love Twilight, but I can recognize how weird it is. Matt Smith/Doctor Who on 'Twilight'

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William Shatner.

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