Sweet poem. Scary poem.


haunted path

Slender man

Previous pinner said: "There's just something about a haunted looking house that makes me wanna go inside..." ... o.o ME TOO!

Easy come easy go

Let's go for a stroll...

Victorian ventriloquist

Mine! Mine! Mine! -can you tell I've watched 'Finding Nemo' 1 too many times (now that's scary!)

Nevermore, The Raven, 8x10 print, Poe, poetry, literature, goth, macabre decor, Halloween. $12.50, via Etsy.

Caught in a Web c.1909 Postcard

spooky poetry

Halloween Tombstone "Touch Nothing and Nothing will Touch You!" #halloween #cemetary #grave #graveyard #yard #lawn #tomb #tombstone #headstone #faux #prop #haunted #house #tour #Party


book inspired #halloween #mantle and free #printable of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"


From the book 'Fetishism in West Africa: Forty Years' Observations of Native Customs and Superstitions'.

Fun for the little ones. Sharpie drawn on mandarin orange or peach lunch packs Polish The Stars: 119 Creepy Halloween Food Ideas

A small, metal viewing coffin with the unnerving inscription, “Don’t talk so much.” From the viewing window a strange, pale countenance started out. These are no ordinary playthings. The dolls originated in the US during the Victorian era and were called Frozen Charlottes (or Charlie for males) dolls. The dolls were made in response to the enormous popularity of a song “Fair Charlotte,” which was based on an 1843 poem penned by Maine journalist, Seba Smith, entitled, “A Corpse Going to a Bal...