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Unfortunately I know very little about Korean artist Minjeong An (her website is currently down), but these are just a few of her incredibly complex self-portraits illustrated using some kind of information visualization. My guess is she’s using a mix of actual data, or a perceived translation of sensory input along with simply beautiful drawings. You can see a bit more on Prosthetic Knowledge and 50 Watts.

Artes & Humor de Mulherfrom Artes & Humor de Mulher

Pinturas de Alfons Maria Mucha!

Mucha >>> aka Alphonse Mucha, Czech Art Nouveau artist of the early 20th century. I've never previously bothered to look into his work much - busy rectifying that right now. I like this one. / Embodied <3

Smashing Magazinefrom Smashing Magazine

The Beauty of Paper Art

Noriko Ambe: Cutting Book Series


Zac Freeman

Zac Freeman graduated cum laude from his fine art degree at Jacksonville University, Florida, in 1997. He has collected junk and found objects for use in his creations since 1999. omggggg <3 :)

There exists a perfect knowledge, so clear, so sublime, so majestic, so unlimited, that it surpasses all description.  All the Rosicrucians have ever done is to point out certain properties of this perfect knowledge and show what one could realise with the powers contained in these properties.

Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Mixed Media, "she is well aquainted" #art

Minjeong An - Human Diagram: it's oddly beautiful and interesting to look at. I wonder what differences there would be in cyborg or AI diagrams

Saatchi Online Artist: Joseph Vassie; Pen and Ink, 2012, Drawing "CD Portrait" Every line of this portrait was drawn around a CD to create this swirling effect.

Technological Mandalas Made from Soldered Computer and Radio Components by artist Leonardo Ulian