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Viola Smith, American drummer who played in orchestras, swing bands and popular music recordings in the 1930s and 40s. She was one of the first professional female drummers in the USA. Viola wrote an editorial to Down Beat Magazine in the 40’s about the existence of "hep girls”; female jazz musicians who could sit in any jam session and hold their own. She asked readers to “give girl musicians a break”. A firestorm of letters-to-the-editor ensued, debating the topic: “Can women play jazz?”


The TIME Vault: 1955

Drummer Gene Krupa by Gjon Mili| I will find out how to do this! Long exposure maybe?

Elvin Jones, "the world's greatest rhythmic drummer". (Jimi Hendrix called Mitch Mitchell "my Elvin Jones".)

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Mitch Mitchell drummer of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. #cSw:) - - I elected this photo not must for the #HISTORY pin of a famous band: It amused me to compare this SIMPLE drum kit to those we see on concert stages these days. We should give MUCH more respect to the skills shown on just a few drumset pieces during performances! Nice black and white #vintage #drumkit photo pinned via tlsdrums13's #DRUMS & #DRUMMERS #Pinterest board.