to love and be loved

This one means “through hardships to the stars. ”69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

"to live in the hearts you leave behind is not to die."--- Want to get this for Nathan

agape- greek; "Unconditional love"

Loving this!

It is in Latin and means “while there is life there is hope”


Flowers on the shoulder/collar bone. yes. lovely

life is full of little pleasures.

cute bird tattoo :)

Love Conquers All. Would make an awesome tattoo


50 Lovely And Beautiful Hawaiian Flower Tattoos | How to Tattoo?

I say this to the kids every night

Tattoo idea. Pink Rose (Nursery Decor, Botanical Illustration) Redoute Flower No. 117

Cute Arm Quote Tattoo

white tattoo. I have been wanting a foot tattoo and I love this idea of white in on the foot... Not all in your face

Love this because my horoscope is a Leo and I have always loved butterflies

This would be a great couples tattoo also....My mom and grandmother read this book to me constantly when I was little. So, Mom and I got tattoos in honor of each other and of this book. Hers is in my handwriting (left) and mine in hers (right). I love my Mommy forever. They were both done by Larry at Shenanigan’s in Auburn, AL. Amazing artist and amazing guy.