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  • Kendra Bacso

    Put thumb tacks on styrofoam balls and spray paint whatever colors you want. Great Xmas Craft Idea!!

  • Laurynne from Coffee, Books & Lipgloss Blog

    A while back I started collecting glass containers. Tall ones. Short ones. Fat ones. Curvy ones. Straight ones. I decided they were so versatile I could fill them up with various things depending on my mood/what holiday it was/whatever. The problem is, aside from filling them with round Christmas ornaments during the holidays, they've been sitting empty! I soon realized that a lot of those things people normally fill them with are somewhat expensive. Plus, I'm the WORST at accessorizing. I'm the same way with outfits...I can put on a shirt and a pair of pants but necklaces? What? I wear the same pair of earrings almost every day (silver hoops). But I'm determined to be more of a "it's all in the details" kind of a girl and this is where I'm starting. My glass vases. Here are some cute thumbtack vase filler balls I made this week. I'm quite pleased with them. Pleased as punch actually. Here's the what's what on making them: Get inexpensive thumbtacks from your junk drawer or nearby office supply store. Each ball took about 100-150 tacks depending on its size. I started by creating a line of tacks around the center and then working my way up & down overlapping the tacks a best I could. I also did a couple where I started at one end and worked my way down. Both ways turned out fab. Worried about the color? Don't be. After the ball was completely covered in tacks, I took it out and spray painted it! It was awesome. Totally customized to what colors I wanted and very easy to do. I did prime it first as well... I'm not sure if it was necessary but I felt better doing it. I also finished them with a nice coat of clear enamel spray paint for a shiny finish. That is entirely up to you, of course. Now, if you do happen to get some metallic thumbtacks and want the silver or gold look then, by all means, do not paint! Gorgeous, right? I loved them unpainted, but I had a colorful vision in mind so I had to proceed with the spray painting. I think they're great all together in one big vase. But I also like them mixed in with other decorative balls (which I will show you how I did next time). Or maybe you want them in a bowl or basket? I think they added some funkiness to my living room space which was lacking in the accessories department. The only problem I've had so far is my kids won't stop touching them! There's something about that shiny smooth, yet bumpy texture they can't leave alone. Plus they love that they are made out of thumbtacks. I guess we'll see how durable they are! Hey, check out THESE thumb tack decorative balls using silver thumb tacks and duct tape!

  • Ryann Fortier Tash

    Thumbtack vase fillers. Cheap & cute DIY project.

  • Gina Peer

    Thumbtack Vase Fillers - These are cute and simple! Put thumb tacks on styrofoam balls and spray paint whatever color you want.

  • Merri Cvetan at MEC Design Studio

    Put thumb tacks on styrofoam balls and spray paint whatever colors you want. Fast and easy! #DIY #crafts #blue

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