Yes! More!! SHERLOCK

Interviewer: "So did Benedict get you in the Hobbit? Or did you get him in?" Martin's response above. - I love how Martin says that Benedict is *also* brilliant, haha. Modest much, Martin? Although he is quite accurate; they are both brilliant!

Loved this bit.

Could they get any cuter? - Twitter / sherlyywho: Cumberbatch Family. Benedict Cumberbatch, Wanda Ventham, and Timothy Carlton.

Sherlock and Mary

Sherlock and Mary get along so well together - I love that so much.

From "The Graham Norton Show". This was so unexpected and I love him for it

John Watson's worst nightmare | This is funny in the worst sort of way

Exactly how long was it until they were both introduced to other children?

I was laughing so hard and feeling bad for John at the same time.

Sherlock season 3 episode 1. My exact thought on why he told him.

Martin Freeman problems

Shezza it's time to tone down the cool and mysterious

Twiddlebatch. So adorable :)

Drunk John and Sherlock was the best- I would have been happy for this scene go on for fifteen minutes.

Haha well done.

Well now...that escalated quickly. Sherlock meets The Office

THIS GUY. after the fall. He has a packet of blood!!! <- Erm... you guys... O.O

Sherlock Socks | Mens- Don't care if they're Mens. I'm still buying them.

Yup. and it was awesome.