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    Presidio Graduate School’s First Graduating Class Turns 10 By Sarah McKinney (C11). This spring marks the 10th anniversary of Presidio Graduate School‘s first graduating class—22 students who took a risk on a new way of approaching business that doesn’t look at financial gains as the sole determinant of success, but instead takes a systemic perspective, evaluating decisions within the context of how they impact people, profit, and planet. #sustainablemanagement #greenmba #mba

    Transition To A Career In Sustainable Business By Allyn McAuley (C19). Earning my #MBA from Presidio Graduate School was a #transformative experience, and I am excited for the next steps in my #sustainable #business #career.

    Summer Meyer (PA2). The driving forces of Summer Meyer’s life can be summed up by two words: love and adventure. Summer wanted to find a way to incorporate her social justice values more deeply into her work and to gain the necessary tools for doing so. #sustainable #mpa #socialjustice #radical #responsible

    Gaining Summer Perspective: Shasta Summit-Nick Hiebert (C21). Here at PGS, we all enter knowing what’s sacred. We go to this school not for the promise of higher compensation (though that’s certainly a consideration, too) but for the skills and tools that enable us to better protect what we hold dear. #sustainablemba #changetheworld #mba #outdoors #shasta

    Why Brocade’s Senior Director of Corporate Affairs Came to PGS When making decisions about graduate school, a mentor had this sage advice, “If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars and consume two years—or more, as it would happen—of your life with time away from your family, wouldn’t you want to at least learn something you crave?” #sustainable #greenmba

    Good Things Come in Threes. Meet the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation and its Trustee Tom Willits lydia This year, the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation has funded a special Presidio Graduate School project to develop a three-day curriculum and training in Investing in Local, Sustainable Economies. #sustainablemanagement #greenmba

    Three Insights From Our First Year in Business - Meghan French Dunbar (C14) Co-Founder, Conscious Company Magazine: the first nationally distributed, print and digital magazine in the U.S. that focuses solely on sustainable business. #sustainable #business #sustainablemanagement #greenmba #mba

    Big Idea Prize Scholarship Winner: A Disruptive Technology. The idea of constructing a “mini” water treatment system for the consumer sprang from three growing problems globally: water scarcity, water source unpredictability, and water quality degradation. #water #drought #sustainablemanagement #sustainability #greenmba #mba

    The Game Changers. While we fantasize about a dream matchup in next year’s Super Bowl 50 at Santa Clara (Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers, anyone?), there will at least be a dream team of Presidio Graduate School alums working to support the #SuperBowl 50 Host Committee in their goal to make the Big Game as #sustainable as possible. #sustainablemanagement #greenmba #mba

    "By Executive Order." Governor Brown appoints Matt Henigan California’s Deputy Secretary for Sustainability. “The Executive Order is like a wish list,” Matt explains. “If Presidio students had sat around and come up with sustainability goals for the state, this would be it.” #sustainable #mba #greenmba #management

    "The Dough-Gooder." Raley’s Meg Burritt seeks to change the world, one grocery run at a time. Meg Burritt (C9) wanted to open a bakery. A bakery that was “local, sustainable, and quality.” A bakery that sourced every ingredient—down to the sugar and the flour—as locally as possible. A bakery that was meaningfully integrated into the fabric of the community—as opposed to just being “a place where you go to get a cupcake.” #sustainable #mba #greenmba #foodwaste

    PGS Professor Vannessa Fry (& co.) discuss the business life cycle & access to capital @ #BALLE2015

    Steward Of The Campfire Leadership Professor Cynthia Scott brings people together. By Eric Cetnarski (C13) #mba

    #Leadership Tips and Tools, from the Strategic to the Mundane by PGS #MBA Alumna Elizabeth Krueger

    Activist/Analyst: Donna LaSala embodies her own paradigm as an effective change maker #mpa #sustainability #changeMaker

    President of the Green Sports Alliance (& PGS Professor) Dr. Allen Hershkowitz speaks as the Green Sports Alliance honors The New York Yankees for their dedication to environmental leadership on June 4, 2015 in New York City.

    "It Isn’t Easy Being a Green Mom" PGS Alumna Meghna Tare shares her story #sustainability

    Commencement 2015: A Bitter-Sweet Celebration! By Daniela Warman (C19/PA5) #MBA #MPA #sustainability

    From Novice to Leader, Outdoors Club Backpacks Through Point Reyes! #sustainability #camping

    View photos from PGS Commencement 2015 on Flickr! #sustainability #mba #mpa

    VIDEO: Commercials created by the MBA Capstone class are now up on YouTube!

    Check out photos from the Spring 2015 Capstone Showcase #mba #mpa #sustainability #socent

    FREE TRADE AND LEGISLATION FOR #SUSTAINABILITY: What bar will we set for a level playing field for international trade? Intense post from Alumna Elze van Hamelen

    "In the Climate Trenches" MPA Candidate Sam Irvine talks about local governments and their work to stop #climate change #environment

    Hacking Tribal Social Instincts with LinkedIn by Associate Dean Dwight Collins #business #mba