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Annual meeting of time travelers.

#DrWho #BackToTheFuture Annual meeting of the time travellers. Who?


Doctor Who subtitles…

Ok, I'm gonna always watch doctor who in subtitles now.

Should explain doctor who to a friend here the another day, the only thing i was saying was, "well is about a mad man with a blue box there is flying around and fight aliens" so yeah.. She didn't understand XD

This line makes me cry now. She seems so honored, so touched to meet her. I'd love to listen to the Doctor talk about Donna, his best friend, "I was gonna stay with her forever, you know. We would have traveled all of time and space. You would have loved her, she was never impressed that I was a Time Lord, she just loved to travel and meet people, she saved the world you know. Saved the universe, saved humanity. Special woman, Donna Noble."