Matte black French Manicure

Black French manicure

black french manicure with glitter

nude, black and gold nails

Nude and black... Like!

matte polish

Black on black french manicure! #frenchmani #blackmani See more tutorials at!!

gloss on matte

Sparkly Black French Tip!!! Love this! I only wish my nails were longer!

black and white nails

Love the matte and bit of sparkle.

Black with silver striping tape nails

Winter-looking french manicure.

Dark French. This is such a fabulous take on the French manicure. The nails are painted a shimmering, midnight blue and then tipped with black enamel. Notice how the lustrous glaze adds to the overall feel of the design. The source: Chloe's Nails. She has so many designs on her pages that are definitely worth seeing.

Rose gold and black

6 polka dot inspired manicures to try now!

Pink black and striped nails

gorgeous, subtle French. Marshmallow & Blanc French Manicure by Essie. 2 coats of Marshmallow. A coat of Blanc on tips; use a piece of tape to cover the entire nail but the tip to make clean, consistent lines. Followed by an Essie Topcoat.

Gold French Tips

pastel french

21 Cool Nail Art Ideas Long time since I don't do my nails, need a manicure so bad!