• Kat Roetker

    hands on math lessons

  • Teresa Johnston

    Teaching time. Create and use "peek-a-boo" clocks for a time unit. These are clocks made from two paper plates. The top plate has the clock face with numbers written in red. These numbers are cut so that they lift to show the minute numbers (written on the bottom plate) in blue. The hands of the clock are bobby pins (one small and one large) spray painted red (hour hand) to match the numbers on the clock face and blue (minute hand) to match the numbers underneath the flap. These clocks are g...

  • Hannah DuRant

    How to teach time - awesome!! Other math ideas!

  • Mrs. Hartman

    Make a "Peek a Boo" clock with your child to help practice time skills. Instead of including the minute numbers behind the flaps, as shown in this primary version, include the words for telling time, a skill that is more challenging for 4th grade students. "Half past," "Ten of," "Quarter after," "Quarter of," "Ten after," etc.

  • Kathy Muniz

    I have been looking for a great way to help my son catch on to telling time on an analog clock (dang the digital age) --- Glue 2 paper plates together. Cut 12 flaps around the edge. Write equivalent minutes underneath. Could attach movable hands. Good idea!

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