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Color reverse ombre..love her hair but i just do not spend enough time or do i have the time to put into this look lol

Color reverse ombre hair, and beautiful overly accentuated eyelashes!

I Don't Use Shampoo. I've been on the No-Poo train for a year, and I'm not turning back! - A girl's guide to healthier hair.

I don't use shampoo (no poo). A girl's guide to healthier hair.

Wash hair w baking soda and vinegar. My hair has grown a ridiculous amount and is now the longest it's ever been. It also takes 3 days for it to get greasy. I've been shampoo free for 7 months and I will NEVER go back to regular shampoo.

Tuck the hair into the headband and voila! Love this. It's my go to on bad hair days.

You Look Sexy With Your Hair Pushed Back

Miley Cyrus' Hair. Well her old hair. She should grow it out and dye it that color again. It's prettier that way.

Miley looking rock and roll with messy hair for Elle magazine. Miley with an elegant updo at an awards ceremony. The topknot gets a chop! Miley's makeover stunned everyone.

Golden dimension

Hairstyles for Long Hair ! Love LC's hair here such a nice color. I wish my hair was that long so i can get the style too