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Crayola Crayons - remember "Prussian blue" and "spring green"? Ahhh...the 64 box. I remember opening it and marveling at all the colors. The eager expectation of using that wonderful sharpener. Oh, and the smell... there was nothing like it. Even now, when I open a new box of crayons the happy memories just flood back and I smile.

A freshly opened box of Crayola crayons. I love that smell. I remember the jumbo ones my mom bought me and I remember my first 64 box that my grandma bought me after I had my tonsils out in Kindergarten!

Old School Crayons~ 8 in a box!

Box of 8 Vintage CRAYOLA 1960s FLUORESCENT CRAYONS. Groovy, baby.

Crayola Glitter Crayons...i still have mine!! and glow in the dark ones but i'm pretty they quit glowing in 1999

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

Crayolas came 8 to a package and we used them until all the paper wrapper was gone and they were just stubs.

So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.

Crayola Crayons We were told to get a box of 8, but there would always be some kid in the class that would have these and I thought they must be millionaires! Ironically, those kids were usually the ones that didn't color very well.

Crayola crayons - never saw the box of 48. We always went for the full 64! Didn't know it til I was an adult, but they're made a couple miles from where I grew up. Visited the factory with my grandmother. What a fun day.

I think this scared me every time the timer went off