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  • Prasad Rane

    april fools pranks for school april fools pranks for the office april fools pranks for friends april fools pranks 2014 april fools pranks ideas april fools pranks for your boss

  • Cindy Moore

    practical joke idea!

  • Tina K

    April Fools Day Prank Ideas – 30 Pics - maybe I'd not cover the car, but it gives me ideas.

  • Julie Bernat

    April Fools Day idea? If you dip cotton balls in water, they'll stick to anything on a cold night!

  • Emmy Price

    "If you dip cotton balls in water, they'll stick to anything on a cold night." --- Must remember this winter prank

  • Yokem Toyota

    What a great idea... until morning and you have to clean it up! #funny #pranks #yokemtoyota

  • Stephanie Schlosser

    if you dip cotton balls in water, on a cold night, they will stick to anything =) (senior prank?)

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this guy evil pure evil sounds like something i would do to you Maggie Moore Drover

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