Families | Steve McCurry

Australian aboriginal

Namibia--these faces remind me that the world's original people came from this region and the great migration started here. Look at the girl's face--she has something from every region of the world in her features.

Chiang Mai Thailand

Loikaw, Myanmar/Burma - Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, Outsiders, India

afghanistan. Lost in Thought | Steve McCurry

Mumuhuila tribe of Angola.

Israel (photo by Leon Forado) ~ I love this photo. To me it shows the place of finding God in the heart. No matter what people do or say, how people dress or pray... we all meet in that center place where we touch God and are touched back.

Granny Puretta of Havans

Mongolia, Nomad tribal people

@Alexander Forsén Forsén Rostof - what a happy face, sweetheart!

Africa..Omo River Valley, Ethiopia. "End of the Day" by Jeremy Curl Photography. Other wonderful photos in his Omo River Valley set on Flickr

Steve McCurry - India

Photography by Steve McCurry

Paraguay by Steve McCurry

what a beautiful family

Mother and children

by Steve McCurry

Fisherman in Pakistan © Steve McCurry