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Alphabet Car Game. Fun ABC game for Preschoolers. I bet this would be great with letter sound association as well. A - apple etc. Simple enough with a great sticker collection!

Number-Writing practice. Have children practice writing numbers by counting the number of spots on each ladybug.

Letter Sounds Worksheets: Listen for the letter sound. Color all the pictures that have that letter sound. Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D, Letter E, Letter F, Letter G, Letter H, Letter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N, Letter O, Letter P, Letter Q, Letter R, Letter S, Letter T, Letter U, Letter V, Letter W, Letter X, Letter Y, Letter Z


Magic Jar Alphabet Game

alphabet game: pick a letter; name 3 things that start w/that letter; if you can, you keep the letter.