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    On 20 July 1944, an attempt was made to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Führer of the Third Reich, inside his Wolf's Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg, East Prussia. The plot was the culmination of the efforts of several groups in the German Resistance to overthrow the Nazi-led German government. The failure of both the assassination and the military coup d'état which was planned to follow it led to the arrest of at least 7,000 people by the Gestapo.

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      July 20, 1944 – World War II- Adolf Hitler survives an assassination attempt led by German Claus von Stauffenberg.

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      Operation Valkyrie - On July 20, 1944, Adolf Hitler escaped death after a bomb planted by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg exploded at Hitler's Wolf's Lair field headquarters near the east Prussian town of Rastenburg.

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      Operation Valkyrie. 1944 - Adolf Hitler escaped death after a bomb planted by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg exploded at his military HQ in Rastenberg.

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      This is the story of how a national emergency plan to disarm the SS was used to plan an assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler. Operation...

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      Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1972-025-10, Hitler-Attentat, 20. Juli 1944 - Atentado de 20 de julho – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

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      Inspecting the remnants of the July 20th 1944 bomb,an attempt on Der Führer Adolf Hitler .( pined on July 20th 2013 it was on my mind all day ,"why do I know this date?" LoL)7000 Arrests were made resulting in 4980 being executed .

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      8 November 1939 Hitler survives assassination attempt On this day in 1939, on the 16th anniversary of Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, a bomb explodes just after Hitler has finished giving a speech. He was unharmed.

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      Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1972-025-10, Hitler-Attentat, 20. Juli 1944 - 20 July plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy just seconds after the assassination.

    German Battleship Bismarck

    On December 7th, 1941 at 7:55 am, the Japanese attacked military airfields and Pearl Harbour with 181 torpedo dropping planes, dive bombers, horizontal bombers and fighters. Overall, twenty-one ships of the U.S. Pacific fleet were damaged and the death toll reached 2,350, along with 68 civilians and 1,178 injured.

    Tatsuo Osako, a naval officer from Chiba, Japan has been named "The Japanese Schindler" by many historians. He, along with several colleagues, were responsible for transporting thousands of Jewish citizens from German-occupied territories to safety. Although Japan had an alliance with the Nazis during the war, their government did not adhere to the racial policies being advocated by Hitler and his officials, and men like Osako were credited with having saved hundreds of people.

    July 20, 1944: The "Valkyrie" plot to kill Hitler is put into action. This photo shows the Wolf's Lair after the bomb blast, which killed 4 but only wounded Hitler. All participants in the plot were executed. July 20 has become a day to commemorate all those who took part in the resistance movement against the Nazi regime.

    General Erwin Rommel. A German, but not a Nazi, which led to his death.

    It was not until 1991 that the U.S. Army quietly declassified its secret report on the killings at Dachau. It details several other incidents that day: a U.S. lieutenant ordered four German soldiers into an empty boxcar and personally shot each of them. Another American soldier clubbed and shot those still moaning. Several GIs turned their backs on two inmates beating a German guard to death with a shovel. It was said that one of the inmates had been castrated by the German they were murdering.

    German soldier beeing shooted by his own comrades after martial court.

    Paula Hitler was Adolf Hitler's sister. He had 5 sibling but only Paula survived to adulthood. When Hitler came to power he had her change her name to Wolf to protect her. When the war was over she moved near the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's Lair & lived the rest of her life making & selling floral crafts. She never accepted Hitler's part in the Holocaust & said she always loved him. Former SS officers provided bodyguard service to protect her from the legions who wanted to hurt her. She died in 1960.

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    23 Dec 48: Japan's wartime Prime Minister Hideki Tojo is executed by hanging for war crimes. In his final statements, he apologizes for the atrocities committed by the Japanese military and urges the American military to show compassion toward the Japanese people. #WWII

    1918--celebrating the German surrender and the end of World War I.

    This photo, one of the most widely distributed after the war, shows a German soldier shooting a Ukrainian Jew during a mass execution in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, sometime between 1941 and 1943. This image is titled "The last Jew in Vinnitsa", the text that was written on the back of the photograph, which was found in a photo album belonging to a German soldier. The German is no more than 20 years old. The youth in the black uniform in the background is no more than 16.

    (1 April 1945). As the Marines landed on Okinawa, the Japanese military fled, leaving the aged, the infirm, and the too-small children in the path of the Leathernecks. Marine Corporal Fenwick H. Dunn of Lynn, Massachusetts, shares the candy from his K ration with an aged woman.

    Vintage July 28, 1945, B-25 bomber crashes into the 78th floor of the Empire State Building on the north side in dense fog, NYC,

    Last photo of Adolf Hitler.

    The Battle of Verdun was the longest battle of World War One. It was fought from February 21 to December 18, 1916, between the French and German armies around the town of Verdun, France. The battle involved more than two and a half million men and it developed in a space less that 8 sq miles and consisted of a ring of underground fortifications which the German forces attempted to capture.

    Allied soldiers examining a ruined Nazi building. Not to be forgotten.. and if not known, must be learned.

    One of the most iconic images in American history: On Nov. 25, 1963 -- his third birthday -- John Jr. salutes the casket of his father, who was assassinated three days earlier.