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  • Aisha First

    JOJO POST WEEDS: How to Root a Sweet Potato for Planting. Simple but pretty - fountain grass, chartreuse sweet potato vine.

  • Eric Hansen

    "How to prepare a sweet potato for planting! Go organic" Small Garden Ideas #garden #gardening

  • Eliana Cruz

    ...and teach little ones about plants and roots! VIEW MY FOLLOW UP POST ON HOW TO ROOT A SWEET POTATO HERE! What you need: 1 sweet potato (a regular russet potato will work too!) Toothpicks A glass...

  • Madison Anspach

    How to prep a sweet potato for planting. #vegetable #garden #growing #tips

  • Linda Froiland Gridley

    How to Root a Sweet Potato for planting - They also look great in a kitchen window.

  • Merik

    These are lots of fun to do in the middle of winter, when everyone with a green thumb starts getting the itch to begin gardening. How to prepare a sweet potato for planting! BirchandBeads via tumblr. I forgot all about this till I saw this pin. These vines are so pretty. Easy to start and grow.

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Multiply your store bought sweet potatoes - place 1 sweet potatoes in a bucket of moist soil. As slips (shouts) appear, pull out place them six at a time into 20 gallon buckets. Wait 4 months, dump bucket, get 3 to 4 gallons of organic homegrown sweet potatoes per bucket.

Cut potato in half. Place cut side down into a container with enough water so that about an inch or two of the potato is submerged. After 4-6 weeks, you should have a nice growth of little baby sweet potato plants: slips. Some will already have roots & are ready for planting. Remove the sprouts by snapping them off at the point where they emerge from the sweet potato tuber. Pinch off the rootless ones, place in water & in a few days they will root also.