Too cute, kids' letters to God.

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes. Stuff kids say. Funny comments from a three year old! Greta, 3 years old.

This never happens to anyone. What really happens is you tell somebody you like them, they don't feel the same way about you, then y'all stop talking because it's just awkward between y'all now. True story.

Laughed so hard I cried!


This is explains two things. 1-why the kids have dimples. 2-why Korie is with him

My favorite yearbook quote yet

I hate to post long things that make you scroll forever, but this is SO worth it.

"Real friends don't count chromosomes" Love this, especially that quote, since I have a chromosomal abnormality too!

LOL!!!!! These kids are too cute

Celebrity photo bombs lol--- hugh laurie's the best... Hahaa

As the pinner said...I'm not pinning this because it is cute. What the hell kind of names are these?! She seems awfully happy to be ruining that child's life.

Quotes from kids on marriage...pretty much the best thing ever! Lol

These always crack me up!

100% accurate.

Loveee itt!!!!

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old. Omg this is crazy!!!!!!

Probably the cutest thing ever