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  • David Blumenkrantz

    Most of these vintage car ads were scans of old magazines from the 1950s to 1970s. It is interesting to note how car advertisements clearly depict women as a major purchasing force in the household, while others appeal to men with deprecating messages.

  • Alba Salvador Mitjavila

    Ford Fairlane #publicidad #vintage #advertising #ads

  • Agustin Loaiza

    Classic Car Posters | Vintage Car Ads,Vintage Posters For Cars,Retro Advertisements


    1966 Ford Fairlane Convertible Vintage Ad

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A leaflet enclosed with the Beans stated that they were also a cure for cirrhosis of the liver, blackheads, and all female complaints, and later they were mainly targeted at women, using glamorous pictures that now appear incongruous with the unattractive product name.

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I remember this car as Mrs. Holland and Hermand Gregory both had one like this car

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