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  • David Blumenkrantz

    Most of these vintage car ads were scans of old magazines from the 1950s to 1970s. It is interesting to note how car advertisements clearly depict women as a major purchasing force in the household, while others appeal to men with deprecating messages.

  • Xuan Nguyen

    vintage poster 2

  • Hilbish Ford

    Ford 1966 Fairlane Convertible ad. The Wizard of Aah's. Vintage advertising.


    1966 Ford Fairlane Convertible Vintage Ad

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Before that, bread was wrapped in paper-

Business cards of famous people.

AMBITION PILLS! The perkiness of a chap’s moustache was a good indicator of virility, if patent medicine ads are to be believed

also cover projectile vomiting.

Victorian ad showing doctor treating woman's "hysteria" by 'pelvic massage'. ⊙.⊙

So wait..the only way to prevent gingivitis & 'the pink toothbrush' is to eat just like Fred Flintstone?? Ipana toothpaste ad

LMAO! Advertisement for Nunn-Bush brass boots, 1970s.

Stoner Placebo Capsules??

she laughs, she talks, she PRAYS?? Oh yeah, that would really fly now

Look boys! A new toy! Gas Masks!!!...

Oh good god! Okay, that's it. This one wins for the creepiest ad. We get it, okay? Celery is good fiber!

LMAO!! Laid by the best...

Unexpected company? How rude of them! Toss em a bag of weiners and a sack' o mustard. That'll teach them to just show up at your doorstep at dinnertime trying to weasle a free meal.

Shocking revelation: Peter Pan: Violent felon responsible for giving women head colds...

pabst tonic. That's a round about way of saying, "here ya go! One beer for Mom, and one for baby"

well alrighty then! :)

oh gross!

oh wow. wonder what the other ingredients were?!

Vibrators were used to cure hysteria, and were reckoned to be very effective.

WTF?! Lifting and Spanking Machine, complete with embedded electrical charge.

oh for god's sake!

What?? This isn't it?

oh gross