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Striding in time: Music can be a recreational runner's best training tool

Motivation by committee: Why training in groups helps runners stick to goals #running

Go slow and steady to get your training base built

Feel the burn of weight training now and run faster later #running #training

How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon

Reporter Otiena Ellwand formed a local group to train for the Canadian Birkebeiner.

Reporter on the Run: Kickoff to weeks of half-marathon training (with video)

Take your training to a new (geeky) level with the Polar RCX5 #running

X-Train Corner: Get the real spin on cycling workouts —Spinning provides the lower body with a much needed break from the rigours of running, while allowing you to continue aerobic training.

Ben Kaplan caught up with the Longboat Roadrunners in Toronto and discussed the kickoff of outdoor training season.

Make it short, sweet and fun-filled with a 5K or 10K this spring — The popularity of 5K and 10K road races over the years comes from the fact they require only limited training, which fits busy schedules.

How does a runner train when a runner can’t run?

Whether trying to clear your head or beat your best time, there’s strength in numbers

Use this 8-week plan to take yourself from a walker to a runner.

Bending, but not breaking, at the Boston Marathon: I have a feeling every runner needs a terrible run to become a better runner. I got mine in Boston.

What you eat (and when) is key to fleet feet — Runners don't have to eat healthy food 100% of the time, but they do have to cut back on snacks and less healthy foods such as butter, caffeine and alcohol.

Runners find the sweet spot of sleep (but need more, too)

Face and pace — Runner’s Face is what happens when exercise burns off the layer of fat beneath the epidermis and dermis, making an athlete look skeletal and gaunt. #running #health

Reporter on the run: Gait analyses helps runners with injuries

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