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Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

THE MOCKINGBIRD NEXT DOOR by Marja Mills -- Mills was given a rare opportunity to know Nelle Harper Lee, to be part of the Lees’ life in Alabama, and to hear them reflect on their upbringing, their corner of the Deep South, how To Kill a Mockingbird affected their lives, and why Nelle Harper Lee chose to never write another novel.

The Children's Crusade by Ann Packer “Doctor Bill Blair and his wife, Penny, built a home in a wooded area of California that would later be known as Silicon Valley. It was a time full of hope for the future, but 10 years and four children later Penny has grown resentful of her role as a wife and mother. She finds solace in art, but at a great cost to her family. Thirty years later, the lives of the three oldest Blair children are in upheaval yet again when their youngest brother, the black ...

ORFEO by Richard Powers Composer Peter Els --the "Bioterrorist Bach" -- pays a final visit to the people he loves, those who shaped his musical journey and, through the help of his ex-wife, his daughter, and his longtime collaborator, he hatches a plan to turn his disastrous collision with Homeland Security into a work of art that will reawaken its audience to the sounds all around them

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson - looks at social media shaming and warns against mob rule on the internet 152.4 RO

Just months after Rebekah Roberts was born, her mother, an Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn, abandoned her Christian boyfriend and newborn baby to return to her religion. Neither Rebekah nor her father have heard from her since. Now a recent college graduate, Rebekah has moved to New York City to follow her dream of becoming a big-city reporter. But she's also drawn to the idea of being closer to her mother, who might still be living in the Hasidic community...

Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath ~ good one

Centering her life on the successful Walker family, into which she plans to marry, Shea struggles to end her affair with a less-than-stellar boyfriend only to have her entire existence placed in question by the death of the family's mother.

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Newly-single mother Caroline Evans dreams of restoring an old barn into a restaurant, but her chance at happiness suddenly hangs in the balance as whispers of murder and vengeance find their way to her and her daughter Issy, hovering in that limbo between girl and young woman, begins to make some dangerous choices.