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Rookie Runner: This doubter is shod and ready to run — Running page editor and rookie runner Jason Rehel will explore the sport from an outsider’s perspective, as someone trying to gain a foothold (pun intended) in an activity he’s seen change so many lives.

How does a runner train when a runner can’t run?

Shod & ready: Shoes hold the stories of races past #running #shoes

Bending, but not breaking, at the Boston Marathon: I have a feeling every runner needs a terrible run to become a better runner. I got mine in Boston.

Get ready, set ... ZOMBIE: How themed events are changing the racing landscape

This week, Marathon Man Ben Kaplan investigates the frightening but relatively rare occurrences of cardiac arrest among runners during races.

When it comes to marathon pacing ... get ready to go steady #running #marathon

At the starring line with celebrity runners — “They do it for the same reason every average Jane or Joe does, for fitness or for a cause.” #running

Online sports editor Erin Valois spoke to Olympic moguls skier Jen Heil about why she's become so involved with helping to get girls and women interested in running.

Ben Kaplan got some help from a Flare editor this week to do a neon makeover of some Toronto running personalities. Here's what happened.

Krista Duchene of Brantford, Ont., was the top female finisher in Sunday's Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton. Her time over 30K was 1:47:03.6. Ben Kaplan will discuss the historic run (it's only 3 years younger than the Boston Marathon) in his Wednesday column. Photo by Glenn Lowson for National Post

Four tips from our fast & furious Olympic marathon hopefuls #running #marathon #olympics

What you eat (and when) is key to fleet feet — Runners don't have to eat healthy food 100% of the time, but they do have to cut back on snacks and less healthy foods such as butter, caffeine and alcohol.

Striding in time: Music can be a recreational runner's best training tool

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