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Jennifer Sygo: Stars to guide you in the grocery aisle — a new movement has food scientists and nutrition experts developing tools that can rank foods according to nutrition value. #nutrition #food

Under pressure: Magnesium may be the dietary magic bullet for hypertension - If you have high blood pressure, what are your options? From a dietary perspective, the headlines would tell you to reduce your sodium intake, but which nutrients, if any, should you try to include more of?

Jennifer Sygo, the Post's resident dietitian and nutrition specialist, examines the connection between wheat, gluten and weight loss. Is the bread holding you back?

Weighing in on the weight loss debate: What would happen if we accepted our weight, and our body, for what it is, and instead focused on the things we can do to be healthy?

Important information about grapefruit for you or a loved one if you or them is using statins, or many other common prescription medications.

Cooking down four sacred cows of dietary ‘wisdom’ — 1. Myth: You have to drink eight cups of water per day: You hear it so often — that eight cups of water a day is necessary for everything from weight control to cleansing the body — that it seems it must be truth, but the reality is there is no good evidence to support this claim.